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Medical Aesthetics: Where do I begin?

Oh my goodness – where do we start. If only there were a way to cherish everyday but yet not weather the signs of life getting the best of us from time to time. If there were a way for all of us to have a bit of Peter Pan within, right?

But this is the question that I am often asked, whether it be in my chair or on Masonboro Island by a precious friend bathing in the sun with a Truly in hand; “What do I need, where do I start?”

Dependent on my mood I may reply with a frank, “Honey, let’s talk…”. Or a genuine “Tell me three things you love about yourself first”.

Both are honest answers. I truly believe that you start by finding things you love about yourself. Your strength, your skin tone, your dimples, your smile. And then nourish these things. Each person’s most glorious beauty is unique to themselves. This is what we protect, this is what we advertise, this is what we accentuate.

Starting Points for Beautiful Skin


Having gotten that all out there for you to digest let me just say one word – SUNSCREEN. From the moment the sun rises to the moment it sets – sunscreen. If you want to see what a lack of sunscreen does just come talk to the temple of my personal insecurities – my neck. (Gobble gobble)

Sunscreen is the single most important thing you can do for yourself living on the coast. And I get it – we all look better with a tan. Some people say not so – if we are being honest, yeah – people look better with a tan. Cue my gorgeous friend @wrightsvilleglow. She will hook you up. Personalized color with no aging! So get you some sunscreen and roll around in it. We of course have the good stuff for the face here at Salt Aesthetics Bar – and oh my goodness a compact to die for on the way…..SUNSCREEN!!!


If sunscreen is too trivial for you and at this point I have almost lost your attention let’s talk TOXIN. YAAAAASSSSSS. BOTOX, DYSPORT, XEOMIN – Oh my!!! No you are not too young. No you are not tool old. Here is the deal with toxins – it stops you from making those funny mean faces that cause all those lines. Let’s face it. RBF is not really a thing – but those 11s sure are. All toxins are temporary – they last 3 to maybe 4 months.

So here is what you need to know- They are expensive (like be prepared to drop 4-600$), and you have to keep up with it. And don’t come at me with the notion that your last injector did your whole face with 10 units and it lasted a year. If that is true hold onto that injector and love on she or he forever with three rubs to the tummy because they are a magical genie that makes dreams come true. I do not have magic. But I do have Botox cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin on hand. It’s a great place to start and probably the single most asked for service. To read more about Botox and other Neurotoxins read my blog post “Botox and other Toxins“.


Finally the power of light. We have the best of the best here at Salt. Sciton is pretty much the most badass laser on the market. And though you may not care about Sciton as a company you will love the way it makes your skin glow and hence me for investing in said bad-assery. (Lets not forget the good Dr Wells here who put his dreams of a Tesla on hold so that you could come get only the best at SALT.) Check out my posts on Sciton for more on this sexy little piece of machinery.

So there are three ideas on where to start. This is the tip of the iceberg of what we offer here at SALT, so come on in and see us anytime for a free consultation. In the meantime, wear your sunscreen and be prepared to tell me three things you love about yourself when you arrive.

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