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Waxing is a popular hair removal service that involves applying a layer of warm wax to the skin and swiftly removing it, pulling out the hair from the root. This method can be used on various areas of the body, including the arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, face, and back. The process is relatively quick and can lead to smoother skin for weeks at a time.


Waxing is suitable for most people who want to remove unwanted hair. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking for a longer-lasting solution compared to shaving. Typically, results from waxing can be seen immediately after the treatment, with skin remaining smooth for up to four weeks. However, results may vary based on individual hair growth cycles. For those interested in waxing in Wilmington, NC, consider booking an appointment at Salt Aesthetics Bar for a professional and comfortable experience.



Brow Waxing

(15 min, $24)

Achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows with our quick and precise brow waxing service. Ideal for enhancing your facial features.

Chin Waxing

(15 min, $20)

Remove unwanted hair smoothly and swiftly with our chin waxing service, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

Upper Lip Waxing

(15 min, $20)

Say goodbye to upper lip hair with our efficient waxing service, designed for quick and comfortable hair removal.

Full Face Waxing

(30 min, $55)

Enjoy a comprehensive facial hair removal experience, targeting all areas for a completely smooth finish.

Underarm Waxing

 (30 min, $40)

Experience the freedom of smooth underarms with our thorough and gentle waxing service.

Back Waxing

(30 min, $75)

Our back waxing service offers a seamless solution to unwanted hair, ensuring smooth and clear skin.

Chest Waxing

(30 min, $50)

Get a clean and smooth chest with our effective waxing service, tailored for lasting results.

Stomach Waxing

(30 min, $48)

Achieve a smooth stomach area with our specialized waxing service, designed for comfort and effectiveness.

Arm Waxing

(30 min, $55+)

From shoulder to wrist, enjoy silky smooth arms with our comprehensive waxing service.

Full Legs Waxing

(45 min, $75+)

Experience the ultimate in smoothness with our full leg waxing service, leaving your legs sleek and hair-free.

Half Legs Waxing

(30 min, $55+)

Target either your upper or lower legs for quick and effective hair removal, ensuring a smooth and soft finish.

Partial Brazilian Waxing

(30 min, $65+)

Enjoy a customizable approach to Brazilian waxing with our partial service, designed to remove hair according to your preferences while ensuring comfort and cleanliness.

Brazilian Waxing Full

(45 min, $75+)

Achieve complete smoothness with our full Brazilian waxing service. Our skilled aestheticians provide a thorough hair removal process, ensuring a flawless and hygienic finish.

Bikini Waxing

(25 min, $55+)

Prepare for beach season or simply enjoy a cleaner look with our bikini waxing service. This treatment quickly removes hair outside the bikini line, offering a neat and tidy appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good candidates for waxing are individuals with healthy skin who want to remove unwanted hair. It is suitable for most skin types, but those with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions should consult with a professional before undergoing treatment.

Results from waxing are immediate. You will notice smooth, hair-free skin right after the treatment.

Waxing results can last up to four weeks, depending on your individual hair growth cycle.

There is no downtime with waxing, but some people may experience temporary redness, irritation, or slight swelling. These side effects usually subside within a few hours.

Before waxing, make sure your hair is at least 1/4 inch long. Avoid sun exposure and exfoliation 24 hours before the treatment. After waxing, keep the area clean and avoid heat, friction, and perfumed products for 24 to 48 hours.

During a waxing treatment, the esthetician will apply warm wax to the targeted area, place a strip over the wax, and then swiftly pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The process is repeated until the desired area is hair-free.

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