Botox and toxins are what folks love right up there with the family pet. Some people will tell you all about it and others like to act like their momma gave them that complexion. Here is the truth – with RARE exception, if they are looking good into their 30s and 40s and beyond…..they have probably made a friend of toxins.

What Botox and Toxins Can Do for You

Mostly I get asked about Botox, it actually has a few friends in the circle. In addition to Botox cosmetic by Allergan we also offer Dysport by Galderma and Xeomin by Merz. There is no better one, just like my three kids – they all have their personalities and I can help match you with your best choice.

All the toxins do a great job at relaxing the muscles of the face that give you all those age related lines – and many of those really awkward expressions caught on camera!

Toxins are mostly used in the upper third of the face to relax the muscles around the eyes and in the forehead. You immediately look more rested, your eyes look brighter and all the while you are preventing static lines from appearing.

What to Expect from Toxin Injections

The best and worst thing about toxins is they are temporary. When it is the best toxin you have ever had and you look like a million bucks right out of bed – temporary. If you feel a little heavy or one eyebrow looks a smidge off – temporary.

Here is the rub – Getting toxins for your first time can be STRESSFULL. I get it. In fact I love it. The amount of anxiety that comes with watching your face change is solid proof that you know you are beautiful the way you are. Huge bonus and nothing to be discredited.

I love to tell the story of my bestie who I gave Botox cosmetic to for her first time. She anxiously gave me the play by play with daily selfies as the medication settled out in her face. This takes two weeks btw – so yeah, about 14 to say 28 selfies later …… I followed along with her, acting SUPER COOL, CALM and collected and reassured her she would love it. (Meanwhile praying to any God that would listen to me not to let her brow drop or eyelid close). We both survived and to her credit a few touch ups later she is hooked. It was a journey full of excitement, anxiety, giggles and trust. I GET IT.

Oh yeah, about that brow drop or eyelid problem. Yup – that’s a thing. Yup – really happens. Has it happened to me? Not really…. Is that a good thing – maybe not. The BEST INJECTORS IN THE WORLD have had this happen. There was recently a social media star who posted her experience…… So yeah, there is that. Maybe good content for a later post. The reward is amazing here though with little risk.

So, whether you are all in or just want a little to start, I am there to take the journey with you. I will accept daily selfies along the way and reassure you 14 or 28 times if necessary. Yes toxins are amazing. Yes I love them. Yes they are worth it. Yes you will love them too.

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