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Skin Care Services

At SALT our medical professionals will analyze your skin and address your specific skin care needs. Our professional lines of products include Alastin and SkinCeuticals, and they will leave your skin looking and feeling better than ever before.  

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Consultation and Facial

Spend an hour getting pampered and educated. Consult with our medical professionals about your skin concerns and goals. Undergo a detailed skin analysis along with a 45 min custom facial with aromatherapy steam, warm towels, gentle cleanse and mask application. You will receive a one time 20% product discount with this experience.


60 min Spa Facial
Exfoliating / Correcting / Brightening

Prepare to have your skin concerns addressed. You will enjoy steam therapy with blended essential oils, gentle cleanse, warm towel application with a decollete and neck massage. Detailed skin analysis with specific concerns addressed followed by either a moisturizing mask or mini peel based on your skin care needs. Finally a hand selected SkinCeutical serum, LED light delivery and lightweight SPF will leave you glowing.


Acne Corrective Facial
Exfoliating / Correcting / Clearing

Start the journey to clearer skin. Acne requires specialized, multi-tiered skin care. We are here to help. Our corrective treatment includes facial steam followed by a lightly exfoliating cleanse and gentle extractions. Specialty corrective AHA / BHA application with LED light therapy for anti-inflammatory effects followed by careful selection of serum and non comedogenic SPF.

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At SALT our hydrafacial is like no other you have received before. With every hydrafacial we include gentle steam and warm towel application to soften your skin and open pores before the cleansing and extraction steps. Enjoy a relaxing decollete and neck massage in our private room while your skin preps for your personalized hydrafacial experience.

Hydrafacials patented 3 step process is fully customizable to meet your skin care needs.
Step one cleanses your skin deeply and exfoliates to a personalized level for your desired effect. In step 2 the patented vortex technology extracts debris and hydrates deeply into the skin. Step three infuses moisturizing serums to protect your skin’s fresh new layer.


Upgrade your experience to include medical grade peels, LED light therapy and/ or a detoxifying lymphatic drainage treatment that will decongest and contour your face.

We have combined the spa experience and medical grade technology to offer you the best facial Wilmington has to offer.

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Chemical Peels

We have partnered with SkinCeuticals professional line to ensure that you consistently receive predictable results here at SALT. All peels are completed with application of SkinCeutical serums as well as SPF moisture. Peels are all highly customizable for your needs. Some of the most popular selections from our back bar include:

Superficial exfoliation with no downtime. Enjoy a refreshed glow. Ask about adding on to a tox appointment!

Age Defying Peel:
For aging, dehydrated and sun damaged skin. Enjoy a fresh glow with subtle corrections and no downtime. You are ready to continue your day!

Brightening Peel:
For aging skin with moderate discoloration, our brightening peel will exfoliate and lift pigment changes so often seen at the beach.

Clearing Peel:
A careful combination of hydroxy acids exfoliate, clear and improve the look of photoaged skin. Antibacterial effects of BHA help acne prone skin prevent future breakouts and increase resistance to UV damage. Concentrations of AHA and BHA are customizable and range from minipeel with no downtime to medical grade.

Chemical Peels Continued

Nourish and Hydrate Peel:
Enjoy a non irritating micropeel and nourishing clay mask to rid your complexion of dead skin cells and deeply revitalize the deeper layers.

Advanced Corrective Peel:
A deeper treatment for exfoliation, removal of fine lines as well as pigment irregularities. This one requires some downtime and post treatment care. Results reverse time!

TCA Peel:
TCA and glycolic combine for this deep mask. Exfoliates, removes fine lines, lifts hyperpigmentation. This one requires some downtime and careful post treatment care. Results reverse time.

* Dermaplane can be added to any your hydrafacial or light chemical peel experiences

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