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Regenerative Medicine, Sexual Health, and
Anti-Aging Services: Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is the future of regenerative medicine and anti-aging. Peptides are amino acid chains that are naturally occurring in the body. They bind to a cell’s surface and trigger an intracellular response thus causing cellular regeneration, healing and ultimately slowing down the aging process.

Your Appointment:
Your peptide therapy starts with a consultation with Sara. Together you will agree on treatment goals and what type of peptide therapy will be most effective and comfortable for you. Options for peptide therapy include oral medications, topical lotions and subcutaneous injection into the skin. These options as well as any necessary teaching are reviewed in detail with you at your appointment.

After Care:
Peptides are produced naturally in the body and are therefore well tolerated with very low risk of side effects. Many peptides are given or taken at home and you will be educated on regular dosing for long lasting and effective treatment. Throughout your treatment course you will follow up with Sara regularly to ensure you are getting all the benefits from your peptide treatment.

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