Peptide & Peptide Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What are peptides and what is peptide therapy?

Peptides are amino acid chains that are found naturally in the human body. They are derived from natural sources like human or animal tissues and provide therapeutic interventions for our bodies. Peptides have been around since the 1920’s. Insulin was the very first peptide used and there are over 60 peptides approved for use by the FDA and more than 150 in clinical development.

Peptide therapy is the cutting edge of anti-aging. We are all going to get older and there is not a whole lot that can be done about that. Aging may not be a disease, but how we age and how we take care of our bodies while we are alive can make the way we live a lot more enjoyable.

Peptides can give us back what aging is taking from us. There are a variety of peptide protocols that are being studied and used for:

    • weight loss
    • muscle recovery
    • increased strength
    • increased libido (with better erections for men)
    • joint pain
    • sleep
    • anxiety
    • acid reflux and IBS, increased energy
    • hair loss and the list goes on and on

Peptides sound amazing but there have to be side effects, Right??

The truth is there are very few side effects to most peptides if they are prescribed and taken appropriately. They are made from naturally occurring amino acids, and are therefore very well tolerated. Most peptides are taken by injection. Therefore, there is always the risk of bleeding/ bruising or infection at the injection site. Allergic reactions are rare but can happen and most commonly are in the form of skin irritation or rash at the injection site. Certain peptides depending on their purpose may cause flushing, nausea, irritability, headache and/or mild GI upset but these side effects are typically mild and rare. The best thing is to discuss each peptide that you may take individually with your provider and the individual risks.


If peptides are so great why don’t more people know about them?

As I mentioned previously, peptides have been used for years. There are plenty of peptides that are in clinical trials and others that are in clinical development. However, the beauty of peptides is that they occur from naturally derived sources and therefore do not have a patentable product within them (where money can be made). Therefore, they are not super attractive to big Pharma and not widely marketed. However, they are up and coming with personalized medicine and with people looking to take better care of their bodies as they fight the good fight heading into their older years.


Why do I need to get these peptides from a medical provider?

Peptides are a very delicate medication that need to be created in a sterile environment. They are amino acid chains that are carefully made in compounded pharmacies and should be produced with strict guidelines. Unfortunately, there are companies that sell peptides out of online stores and this is very dangerous. There is no regulation on where these are being made or if they are created in a sterile lab. They could be made in someone’s basement. All they have to do is slap on a sticker that says not for human use and for research – not what you want in your body!


I don’t think I can give myself an injection. What are my other options?

Depending on the peptide there can be different options. Subcutaneous injections (an injection given into the fatty tissue just under the skin) are a common and effective method of receiving peptides. However, there are other options including oral, sublingual (dissolved under the tongue), intranasal, or intramuscular (injected into the muscle). These would be discussed with your provider based on the peptide and your comfort level.


I have read all of these answers but how do I know if peptides are for me?

These are just a few of the questions that I get asked when peptides come up. If any of the following describes you, peptides could be an option for you.

    • If you are looking for a weight loss option diet and exercise need to be your first choice. Provided you have this dialed in and you want to see better results and gains in your workouts then peptides are for you.
    • Difficulty with erections, orgasms or your sex drive isn’t where you want it to be then peptides could be a great option for you.
    • Struggling with getting quality sleep and are feeling run down and fatigued then peptides can help with this.
    • Training for an event and you are having muscle fatigue and its taking longer to recover from your workouts then peptides are for you.
    • You have a nagging injury to your hamstring or tennis elbow or something else that just won’t heal then peptides could be an option for you.

I hope that this section answers some of your questions. If you would like to find out more and find out what peptides are right for you please contact us and schedule your consult!

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