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Medical Aesthetics Services: Dermal Fillers and Poly – L Lactic Acid

Dermal Fillers and Poly – L Lactic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers are injected beneath the skin to replace lost volume, enhance the natural curves of your face, or can be used to augment your natural features for a little extra drama. Dermal fillers are most often used in the cheeks, chin, jawline and lips. The effects are immediate and last for many months to years depending on the treatment.

Poly-L Lactic Acid – Manufactured and marketed as Sculptra, Poly-L lactic acid is injected beneath the skin where it triggers your body to produce its own collagen and elastin. As a bonus people who undergo treatment with Sculptra enjoy a beneficial change to the surface of the skin as well. Sculptra is an excellent option for a gradual full face treatment.

Your Appointment:

An appointment usually lasts about one hour. You can expect some mild tenderness at the injection site for a few days. Because we are beneath the skin there is always a possibility of some bruising. Allow 2- 4 weeks between any dermal filler appointment and a big event.
You will be offered topical numbing agents for extra comfort if you would like. Nerve blocks are also an option in some areas to ensure you have a comfortable experience. These usually take 20 – 30 mins to work well.

After Care:

Expect some swelling and mild bruising for a few days. It is okay to use over-the-counter Tylenol or Motrin in this setting as well as ice. It is usually recommended to avoid alcohol for a few days as this can worsen these symptoms. It’s best not to manipulate the filler unless you are specifically told to massage the area (Sculptra clients). After care will be reviewed in detail at your appointment.

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