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Skin Care & Professional Day Spa Services: Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels

We have partnered with SkinCeuticals professional line to ensure that you consistently receive predictable results here at SALT. All peels are completed with application of SkinCeutical serums as well as SPF moisture. Peels are all highly customizable for your needs. Some of the most popular selections from our back bar include:

Superficial exfoliation with no downtime. Enjoy a refreshed glow. Ask about adding on to a tox appointment!

Age Defying Peel:
For aging, dehydrated and sun damaged skin. Enjoy a fresh glow with subtle corrections and no downtime. You are ready to continue your day!

Brightening Peel:
For aging skin with moderate discoloration, our brightening peel will exfoliate and lift pigment changes so often seen at the beach.

Clearing Peel:
A careful combination of hydroxy acids exfoliate, clear and improve the look of photoaged skin. Antibacterial effects of BHA help acne prone skin prevent future breakouts and increase resistance to UV damage. Concentrations of AHA and BHA are customizable and range from minipeel with no downtime to medical grade.

Chemical Peels Continued

Nourish and Hydrate Peel:
Enjoy a non irritating micropeel and nourishing clay mask to rid your complexion of dead skin cells and deeply revitalize the deeper layers.

Advanced Corrective Peel:
A deeper treatment for exfoliation, removal of fine lines as well as pigment irregularities. This one requires some downtime and post treatment care. Results reverse time!

TCA Peel:
TCA and glycolic combine for this deep mask. Exfoliates, removes fine lines, lifts hyperpigmentation. This one requires some downtime and careful post treatment care. Results reverse time.

* Dermaplane can be added to any your hydrafacial or light chemical peel experiences

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