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BroadBand Light

With BroadBand Light enjoy softer, brighter and more youthful skin. SALT offers the absolute best in laser technology. Partnered with Sciton Laser company we offer Forever Clear, Forever Young and Forever Bare treatment protocols for light based skin care.

Forever Clear: With filtered light therapy Forever Clear treats acne and acne blemishes without irritating creams or medications. With a combination of blue, yellow and infra–red lights acne causing bacteria is eliminated. Furthermore, inflammation is reduced and the body’s natural healing process is stimulated.

Forever Young: Recognized worldwide to provide consistent and outstanding results. Forever Young removes age spots, redness, small vessels and pigment irregularities associated with sun damage. The proprietary approach developed by Sciton targets the signs of aging, one step at a time to deliver a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

Forever Bare: Revolutionary technology in hair removal. BBL allows even heating of hair follicles and eliminates missed areas of traditional hair removal. The cooled sapphire plate delivers continuous cooling to keep you comfortable through your entire treatment.

Your Appointment:
Treatment times vary depending on what, where and why. Topical numbing cream is available for all facial treatments. Allow 20-30 mins to numb as appropriate. All laser treatments are comfortable and tailored to each individual and their treatment goals.

After Care:
There is little to no down time associated with BBL treatments. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours after treatment. Professional skin care line is highly recommended and available for purchase.

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