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Hormone Optimization and Sexual Wellness: Hormone Replacement Services

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Hormone Replacement Services

At the corner of our sexual wellness and anti-aging department is bio-identical hormone replacement. Hormone replacement can be used to address dozens of health concerns. Salt Aesthetics Bar is qualified and prepared to deliver treatment that you cannot find anywhere else in town.

Hormones, and fluctuations in them, affect our day to day lives more than any of us realize. From our mood, to our energy levels, to the quality and texture of our skin and hair, hormones are the driving force. With a comprehensive physical exam and blood work we can assess your individual hormone needs to help get you living your best life.

Bioidentical hormones match the structure of those found in your body already. Hence, the name “bio-identical”. Your body will use these hormone supplements to return you to….you…

Your Appointment:
You will first need a consultation to see if bio-identical hormones are right for you. Your treatment options will be discussed in detail with you after this consultation should you decide bioidentical hormone replacement / supplementation is right for you.

Request a consultation today to find out if our services are right for you.