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Laser Services: HALO (by Sciton)

HALO (by Sciton) Resurfacing Laser

HALO is a luxury, high end skin resurfacing laser. Patients receiving HALO treatment can expect better results in fewer treatments as compared to aged technology devices. What is the difference? HALO uses two distinct wavelengths (ablative and non ablative) simultaneously to target skin concerns at multiple levels in the same treatment. It is completely customizable for your skin type and our skin concerns. It will improve texture and skin quality while treating sun damage, fine lines and acne scars. You will have noticeably better skin within days and continued improvement over the weeks that follow treatment.

Because HALO is so customizable it can be used for a quick pick me up with almost no recovery time to a more intense treatment with limited recovery time. With any treatment you will have redness and swelling similar to a sunburn the first day. Even with the more intense treatments, you will experience much less recovery time than with old school ablative and fractional lasers. Simply out this is the laser for anyone wanting better skin without the painful recovery of other resurfacing lasers.

We have invested in the best at SALT so that you may receive nothing less than the best results. Relax and enjoy your results!

Your Appointment:
Treatment times vary depending on what, where and why. Topical numbing cream is used on all HALO treatments and allowed to work for a full 30 mins prior to treatment. Ideally, arrice without make up and with a good book or your phone for entertainment during this time. Treatment time is about 30 mins.

After Care:
Aftercare is important for all resurfacing lasers and we are always available for any questions or concerns. The day of your treatment your face will appear red and will feel hot. It is important to let the heat leave your skin, and for this reason we recommend ice and water only. Don’t plan any activities for this day if possible. During the next 2 – 3 days you will may have some swelling and redness. This is dependent on the intensity of your treatment and whether or not you pair BBL with HALO (we recommend!). The staff at SALT will walk you through what you can expect following your HALO treatment based on your goals and treatment plan. If you are
wanting a brand-new look expect that there will be some level of recovery for about a week. Professional skin care line is highly recommended and available for purchase.

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